Body types

Body types (morphs) and the genetics vs bodybuilding.

When you want to gain muscle or to lose weight, it is important to know your body type. Have you ever noticed how easy it is for some people to increase their muscle mass, then it is a nightmare for some others? EIther, it is easy for people to be thin while others are constantly trying to lose fat. The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the morphological types (body types) and therefore in the genetics. 

Some morphological types such as mesomorphs and endomorphisms are easier to gain weight. Instead, the ectomorph body type, is deemed as a "hard gainer" and will need much more attention, rest and care in order to gain muscle.

However, it is possible for all types of morphologies of gaining weight or losing fat. There are even professional bodybuilders in all body types.

Learn more about each of the major morphological types: